YoungBallerinasIntroduction to Ballet:  This class if for anyone ages 5 and up that would like an introduction into Ballet dance. No experience required.  This is a ballet class for students with no knowledge of ballet technique, movement, and positions.

Ballet 1: This class if for anyone ages 8 and up that has take introduction to Ballet and has a basic knowledge of ballet positions, technique, and movement.  Must be placed into this class.

Ballet 2:  This is a ballet class for a more advanced student, who wants to take their ballet skills to the next level.  Must be placed into this class*, and advanced ballet knowledge is required.

Ballet 3:  This is an advanced Ballet class for students that have leveled beyond Ballet 2.  This class is more technically demanding and has a faster pace so you will be challenged to perform longer and more advanced sequences.

Pointe: This class requires that you have taken several years of ballet and are a minimum of 12 years old.  It is required that you set up a meeting with our Pointe teacher prior to taking this class.

Funky Ballet: This class will focus on ballet technique but will have pop style music. It will be a quicker pace than classical ballet. Skill Level 1 or higher required. This class is for the student who knows they need ballet but find the pace slow.

Tots Ballet & Tap:  This class is for anyone ages 2 ½ to 5.  It is an introduction to ballet and Tap.  No experience required.