Mission/ Vision

Studio Vibe exists to meet the needs of each student.  To foster growth in dance and also in life.  Studio Vibe is here to serve you to the best of our ability by following our driving principles.

  1. Diversity
  2. Team is family
  3. Esteemed Leaders = Esteemed Future Leaders
  4. Challenge each dancer to achieve more than they think they can
  5. Safety is always the first priority.  Correct technique = Injury Free Dance
  6. Positive Environment ALWAYS
  7. Customer Service is not an option it is the only way we operate.
  8. Instructors are educated and active in the dance community

We provide dance, fitness, and performance classes for everyone at every level.  We build a program to fit your level of skill and commitment, through an on-going assessment process and open communication.

A studio where a dancer is always motivated to achieve new skills, monitored to be safe and injury free, esteemed in the success achieved, and educated and able to move on in the dance profession at the level desired.