Ballet Dance Program

Highly technical and artistic dance form with formalized set steps and gestures. This course offers 5 progressive levels and is the technical base of all other styles of dance. Leveling required.

Introduction to Ballet:  This class if for anyone ages 4-7 that would like an introduction into Ballet dance. No experience required.  This is a ballet class for students with no knowledge of ballet technique, movement, and positions. Student should sign up for Dudes and Divas Class.

Ballet 1: This class if for anyone ages 7 and up that has taken introduction to Ballet and has a basic knowledge of ballet positions, technique, and movement. This class focuses on basic ballet skills, body alignment and positioning to drive technique. Leveling is required.

Ballet 2:  This is a ballet class for an advancing ballet student, who wants to take their ballet skills to the next level. Leveling is required and the student must have basic ballet knowledge. This class focuses on strengthening the basic ballet skill and moves into intermediate combinations.

Ballet 3: This class is more technically demanding and has a faster pace. It will challenge the students to perform longer with more advanced sequences. This class requires leveling and advanced ballet skills. Students in this class are expected to know basic combinations and body positions so that they can deepen their skill base.

Ballet 4 and 5: These classes are for those that have acquired extensive ballet training and skills. Class is more physically demanding with complex sequences and combinations. Leveling is required.

Pointe: This class requires that you have taken several years of ballet and are a minimum of 12 years old.  It is required that you set up a meeting with our Pointe teacher prior to taking this class.Ballet Dance in Eagan

Children’s Ballet Program This class is for anyone ages 2 to 7 looking for an introduction to the ballet art form. No leveling or experience required.

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