Main Focus in Dance:
The main focus that I aim for is not body appearance or whom can dance what style. My focus is teaching the passion, etiquette and artistic vision. It’s important that we do focus on skills, training and the dancing portion. Although I think we tend to forget how to teach how to carry ourselves and take our love for dance and time seriously. With the passion piece I want to teach that if you don’t have a desire or drive to dance then they should ask themselves “why are they dancing?” Lastly the artistic vision is all about teaching choreography and creating your own. Plus taking the time to learn other styles and have a respect for them. No style is better than any other.

My Teaching Goals:
For me the only way I can make sure your child is a great dancer is the following. I must keep an explicit set of rules and discipline. With my experience working in the school districts for almost ten years I know this. Kids want rules and they need to know boundaries and how far they can go. Also I will be sure to remain consistent so no confusion will build in classes. Of course I care about your child’s well being but I am NOT the friend, my job is to teach.

107.013.8540.VibeWhat I enjoy about teaching:
What becomes the most gratifying for me as a teacher is watching the process of growth of the student. Looking at how skills have improved and watching the student grow. Even if the student grew from point A to point Z and another grew from point A to point D. I still love it because the growth, skills, confidence and learning have increased.