Training in singing, acting, and dancing. Call for more details 651-332-1499.

Musical Theatre Program: Envision Your Triple Threat
Master Class Weekend Seminar
November 9th and 10th
Saturday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Bryce Henrickson: Musical Theatre Director
Jess Bjore: Choreographer
Christopher Damlo: Guest Staff
Rachel Geinert: Guest Staff

Course Descriptions:

Acting for Singers:

In this course, the students will be learning the acting fundamentals that are required for any triple threat. When the student participates in Acting for Singers, they will be coached in diving deep into the process of analyzing a song to provide the proper emotions for a performance. This course is helpful to singers, actors, and dancers alike. The goal of this course is to train your triple threat: how to connect singing, dancing, and acting together to create unique and powerful performances that the audience is sure to love.

Viewpoints/Actor Training:

In this course the students will be learning the fundamentals of viewpoints training. Viewpoints, is a physical form of acting that allows for actors to become familiar and comfortable making choices, while on stage. This is also, immensely helpful in training actors of any age how to be good ensemble members and make quality and thoughtful decisions on stage.

Always Say, “Yes”: An Improv Workshop

From students just beginning their acting careers to those who have been honing their skills for years, everyone benefits from improv. Learning to think on your feet and let go of your inhibitions are critical for every actor. The most important thing that the student will get out of this class is partner work. Just like in scene work, improv is all about trust: trust that your partner will take what you are giving them, trust that your partner knows where they’re going, and trust that your teammates will save you if you lose control. Students will be up on their feet trying new things, playing games, and discovering how to say “yes.”

Dance for Musical Theatre:

In this course students will learn a combination of Broadway style jazz. If your dream is to be on Broadway this is the class for you. As a dancer, you will learn how to put together and balance musicality, acting, and singing with your dancing skills. We will discuss the importance of proper breathing, large formations, props, stage terms, and more. Get your jazz hands ready for a fun class!!